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2014 African Movie Awards 0

Johnnesburg Hosts AMAA Nominations

Here are the updates on the nominations and presenters for the 2014 Africa Movie Awards! -Come the 2nd of April, The Africa Film Academy will host African filmmakers and celebrities during the 10th Africa...


Why The State of African Cinema Sucks And How to Fix It

Let’s talk about African Cinema today. Never mind the crass title but it’s a fact: Film production and distribution has declined significantly for the continent. Yes, the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood and a few...


Med Hondo: The Multifaceted Talent

Med Hondo, whose full name is Abid Mohamed Medoun Hondo is an expatriate Mauritanian film director. His films mainly focus on the experiences of Africans abroad. The son of farmers, Med Hondo (b.May 4,1936)...


What is Third Cinema or Third Cinema Theory?

What is Third Cinema? Third Cinema, also called Third World Cinema; a type of film and film theory prevalent in Africa, Latin America, and Asia that strives to transform society by educating and radicalizing...


Haile Gerima: The Mythmaker

Haile Gerima is an Ethiopian film director, critic and professor. Raised in Gondar, Ethiopia, as a child, he acted in his father’s troupe performing across the country.In 1967, he moved to the United States...