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Michael Caine Movies

Michael Caines Michael Andrew Caines MBE (born 3 January 1969 is an English chef born in Exeter, Devon. Michael Caine movies has been varied and intriguing throughout the actor’s enduring career in film. Caine...


8 Films Set In A Fictional African Country

  Made up country names, captivating stories and beautiful back drops of African nations make up this list.The concept of creating fictional countries in films is nothing new. If you have seen The Great Dictator...


Top 50 Western Movies Set In Africa

Movies set in Africa Westerners have been gravitating towards locations in Africa for quite a while. Whether it’s for the exotic backgrounds or historical insights, many films with foreigners as the protagonists define what...


Ousmane Sembene VS Jean Rouch

You look at us like insects The following document is a  translation of the now infamous exchange which took place between Jean Rouch and Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane Sembène in 1965 by Jamie Berthe. The dialogue...


Watch out for Animator Abdul Ndadi!

I want to shine the spotlight on animator extraordinaire Abdul Ndadi. He not only was one of the first followers of Discover African Cinema, but also reached out to me in appreciation.It really is...


Go To These African Film Festivals!

If I could attend all the film festivals in existence, believe me I would. African film festivals held in Africa is what this list is about. Granted there’s a lot of events around the world...