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Nigerian Novelist Elechi Amadi

Elechi Amada said that “An African writer who really wants to interpret the African scene has to write in three dimensions at once. There is the private life, the social life, and what you...

Zézé Gamboa 0

Zézé Gamboa

    Zézé Gamboa is a director, writer, cinematographer and producer from Luanda, Angola. He received his degree in sound engineering in Paris and began directing films. He also served as jurist to quite a few...


So Long a Letter Mariama Ba

Mariama Ba revered education. Not surprising since she was born into an educated Muslim family in which her father was the first minister of health in Senegal. Her father insisted she focus her studies...


Miguel Algarin Poetry

I came from a family where culture prevailed. My folks gave me a love of culture. So there is nothing surprising about Shakespeare being in my life. It would be surprising if he weren’t....


Haitian Novelist Jacques Stephen Alexis

The trees fall from time to time, but the voice of the forest never loses its power. Life begins.- Jacques Stephen Alexis Brought up into one of Haiti’s literary families, Jacques  Stephen Alexis’s father,...


Namsa Leuba Guinean Photographer

Namsa Leuba is a Swiss and Guinean visual artist noted for her colorful marination of African supernatural folktales and unique interpretations of the human body. Her bold work in exhibiting traditional Guinean ceremonies such as exorcism; which had...


David Goldblatt South African Photographer

Known for his visual documentation of apartheid in South Africa and of the beauty of his homeland, David Goldblatt is an internationally noted photographer. His vision in pictures has been showcased in monochrome and...


Zanele Muholi South African Photographer

I love photography. Especially when it’s enveloped in resonant storytelling. I’ve been exploring African photographers in depth recently and hopefully you find their stories as captivating as I have. Zanele Muholi is an electrifying...


Black Actors in France

African actors in France that have made notable achievements in the film world.Here are some of the better knows ones. Enjoy!   Hubert Koundé Born on December 30, 1970, in Benin, Koundé  is a...